The steps below explain how to setup for your organisation.

Create an admin account on

Go to to register a new account.
After completing the form, click the link in the email that has been sent to you to confirm your email address.

Login to

Go to to login to with the account you just created.

Create a new Connection

Click on Connections in the menu on the left hand side. This loads the Connections screen, where you can see any backend systems (eg. Salesforce) for which an integration has been setup.
Hit the New Connection button.
Select the desired Connection type (currently only Salesforce is supported) and hit Next.
Execute the connection type specific steps:
For Salesforce, these steps are documented on
Hit Next.
Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret of the Connected App we just created and hit Next.

Authorize an admin user

Hit Continue, then Allow to authorize your Salesforce admin user to use
This admin user will be used to make certain API calls to Salesforce, eg. to query the fields available for field mapping.

Setup fields

Click on Fields in the menu on the left hand side. This loads the Fields screen, where you can see the fields that will show up in the Chrome Extension form.
Here you can add aditional fields, change the order of the fields, make fields required or show/hide fields.

Setup field mapping

Click on Field Mapping in the menu on the left hand side. This loads the Field Mapping screen, where you can determine how the fields that show up in the form map to your backend system (eg. Salesforce).
Note that for Salesforce you can choose whether you want to push the contact data to the Leads object or the Contact object. You only need to setup a mapping for the object you will actually use.
You are free to decide which fields you want to map, but one mapping is required, and that's the LinkedIn field. LeadExporter uses this field to link LinkedIn profiles to contact/lead records in your CRM system.
Once you are happing with the field mapping, hit Save.

Form settings

Click on Form Settings in the menu on the left hand side. This loads the Form Settings screen, where you can arrange a few more settings.
Search and create: In what Salesforce Object does the extension need to search for existing contacts and create new contacts?
Active Connection: If you have multiple connections (eg. a sandbox and a production), you can switch between the different connections here. The one that is active is where LeadExporter will create new contacts.

Invite users

Click on Users in the menu on the left hand side. This loads the Users screen, where you can see all users in your organisation.
To add a new user, hit the Invite User button, fill out the users E-mail, First and Last Name and press Submit. The user will now receive an invitation to join your organisation on Once the user signs up, all your organisation's settings will apply to this user.
The steps for an end user to start using can be found here.